October 28, 2023
How To Store Fresh Grated Coconut

Looking how to store fresh grated coconut?

Worried about preserving your coconut the right way? Don’t worry this blog has all answers for you, stick till the end of the blog to find out the most convenient way of storing fresh grated coconut. Coconut is an important ingredient of South Indian Cuisine, for both sweet and savory dishes.

Although coconut is widely used for South Indian cooking but in most cases only a table spoon of grated coconut is enough to give the right flavors to the dish. While using a coconut, once it is cut and grated it is important to preserve it in a way to continue using it for the next few dishes without any hassle.

This guide is going to be an amazing guide for you if you want to know how to store freshly grated coconuts for long term use. It is important to know coconut being rich with oil contents has a higher tendency to spoil around two to three days even if kept in refrigerator.

In order to make sure the grated coconut last long it is always recommended to store it in an air tight container and keep it in the freezer. Every time you need to use the coconut all you need to do is defrost the grated coconut and use it in the dish.

As far as freezing the coconut is concerned, it is however important to know which container to use. If you end up freezing the whole coconut in one packet or container it will become a hard block and the process of defrosting it would become extremely difficult and frustrating.

But don’t worry I have a life saver hack for it which in turn would make this whole process easy and less time consuming. All you have to do is, grab a coconut and cut it into two halves. Now grate the coconut and put the grated coconut into an ice cube tray and leave it to freeze overnight. Once the cubes are properly frozen take them out and put them in a Ziploc bag in the freezer.

Now you can easily defrost the grated coconut ice cubes as per requirement and use them in your dish.

Also note that whenever you want to defrost the grated coconut, take out the number of ice cubes you need and put them into a bowl. Now microwave them for one minute on the defrost mode to get your grated coconut ready to be added.

Additionally, when freezing the grated coconut make sure to keep it away from things having strong smell because coconut has a high tendency of absorbing odors. A properly frozen grated coconut can last about 6 months, what’s better than that!

If you have a frequent usage of coconut in your meals then it is a great idea for you to freeze them and use it for a longer time. Also, freezer helps to keep the coconut fresh by slowing down the ripening process to give you it’s true flavor and taste.

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