Environmental, Social and Governance at KAP

We are dedicated to fostering positive change in communities through impactful education and environmental initiatives. 

Explore KAP Sri Lanka’s commitment to making a lasting difference in the community through various CSR initiatives and responsible business practices promoting environmental sustainability


Giving back to the nature…

A Tree for Life:
Reforestation Project

Planting 50,000 trees by 2025.

An e-conversion

25% of KAP Sri Lanka’s energy needs will be compensated through solar power by 2025

KAP Sri Lanka's Sustainable Business

Responsible Consumption

Using resources efficiently and reducing waste.

Responsible Discharge

Managing waste disposal responsibly and minimizing pollution.


Protecting and promoting diverse ecosystems and habitats.


For a better tomorrow…

Shilpabhisheka: The Celebration of Skills

Helping students in socially and economically disadvantaged schools.

Fair for Life

Promoting fairness, respect, sustainability, and transparency, encouraging ethical conduct and social responsibility.

KAP Life

Content employees drive productivity, enhance creativity, boost morale, and contribute to a positive workplace culture, fostering overall product quality