Coconut Culture

KAP is one of the most technologically advanced, organic coconut-based product manufacturers in Sri Lanka, exporting over 30,000 metric tonnes of produce annually, to markets across continents. Hailing from a proud legacy that spans 6 decades, KAP is committed to sustainable manufacturing systems and processes with a wide portfolio of products. This comprises of high-quality UHT coconut milk, coconut cream, coconut water, desiccated coconut, and charcoal from 3 factories, while supplying coconut products to over 100 local and international clientele.


To be the foremost and preferred manufacturer of premium agricultural products exported from Sri Lanka.


To provide products of superior quality to our customers, superseding committed timelines on production and shipment whilst maintaining transparent business operations. In doing so, believing that we deliver value and trust to both internal and external stakeholders.


  • Customer obsession
  • Passion for innovation
  • Passion for operational excellence
  • Sustainable growth/long-term thinking



To be a leader in sustainable agriculture products by enriching the lives of Sri Lankan farmers.


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Chairman’s Message

Quality has always been the ethos that guides our existence. A philosophy that has ensured the satisfaction of the people we serve, while fortifying our reputation as a dependable organization. And yet, finding success among our clientele is not the only goal we aspire to achieve. Kandetiya Agro Products, believes in the growth the people that support us every day. That is why, our every achievement, milestone and feat of greatness is passed down to the lives around us, in the form of better standards of living and higher quality of life.

Managing Director’s Message

We have always been committed to moving in an upward trajectory in every aspect of our core function. That is why we are dedicated to growing our portfolio of products while elevating our standards of quality. Expanding our reach across international borders while exploring new avenues to uplift the lives of the people and communities that support us.

Our Brands

B2B Brand

A technologically advanced coconut-based product manufacturer in Sri Lanka that has been accredited with the highest export, food safety and manufacturing certifications in the industry. Offering a wide variety of coconut-based
products to meet industrial level requirements, today KAP is renowned as one of the largest exporters of coconut – based products, with clientele located across the world.

Consumer Brand

A high-quality coconut-based product manufacturer in Sri Lanka, Yara manufacturers a wide variety of domestic coconut-based products for the everyday consumer.
The YARA portfolio of products include high-quality UHT coconut Milk, UHT Coconut Cream and grated coconut that have a wide variety of domestic applications in homes across the world. KAP is renowned as one of the largest exporters of coconut – based products, with clientele located across the world.

Our Journey


The 1st Step in the Industry


Owning the 1st DC Mill In Sri Lanka


Starting of RMP as a Desiccated Coconut manufacturing plant


Starting of Upali Mills to supply Coconut Milk to Nestle Lanka



Starting of KAP to supply Coconut milk to Nestle Lanka



Starting KAP’s UHT treatment unit, manufacturing UHT Coconut Cream and UHT Coconut Milk


Launching Yara as a local B2B brand for HORECA


Launching KAP A+ as an organic B2B brand