Benefits of Coconut Water

Coconut Water has been a trusted drink for centuries. None of the tropical trips are complete without enjoying fresh Coconut Water. It contains more than 90% water. Apart from its water content, Coconut Juice contains various minerals essential for human body.

Here are 7 Benefits of Coconut Water.

1.Improves Hydration

We all know the importance of drinking more water. But do you know that drinking Coconut Water adds more nutrients to your body? Let us discuss.

  • Your body can easily absorb Coconut Water as it is an Isotonic Beverage. This is due to Osmolality. In simple terms, all the particles/nutrients combine with your body fluid in no time.
  • To cure dehydration, you should drink Coconut Water.
  • Also, if you want Rapid Rehydration, rely on Coconut Water.
  • When you consume Coconut Water, you also consume electrolytes. These electrolytes help you maintain fluids in your body.
  • Magnesium helps with muscle functioning.
  • Potassium is common in sports drinks. It acts as a supplement.
  • Fun fact: Sports people are now replacing their sports drinks with Coconut Water. Of course, because it is on the healthier side and has low calories, too.

2. Boosts Energy

Want a boost of energy but don’t want to have a cup of Coffee? Trust Coconut Water. Let us help you understand how Coconut Water can be your daily dose of energy.

  • Do you know why many energy drinks are sugary? Because “sugar is the secret of our energy”. Coconut Water is rich in natural sugar.
  • Mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell. But what is the powerhouse of energy? How many times have you felt weak and been offered some Glucose? Indeed, glucose provides a lot of energy. Coconut Water has Glucose in its natural form.
  • If you are trying to reduce your sugar intake, keep adding Coconut Water to your diet.
  • To get rid of fatigue, Coconut Water is the best solution.

3. Helps in Weight Management

Most of us are always trying to fit into our favorite shirts and dresses. We try a lot of options to maintain our weight, but we forget one simple item. “Coconut Water” is what we’re talking about.

  • As already mentioned, Coconut Water is low in calories. Hence, you need not worry about getting rid of those extra calories.
  • As Coconut Water has fiber, it keeps you full and stops you from over-eating.
  • We always wonder why some people never gain weight, even after eating a lot. One of the reasons is their fast metabolism.
  • Coconut Water has Lauric Acid. It is a type of Fatty Acid that increases metabolism. A fast metabolism can help you reduce unwanted weight in your body.
  • According to “Nutrition,” a journal, a daily dose of Coconut water helps in faster weight loss. That too, just in 10-12 weeks.

4. Takes Care of Your Heart Health

In today’s times, heart issues are not bound to any age. Various people suffer heart problems and heart failures at a very young age. Our lifestyle keeps us stressed. Our work schedules are so tiring that we do not focus on what we eat or how much we workout.

  • Multiple studies show that Coconut Water helps maintain heart health. We mostly consume junk food these days, even after knowing its harmful effects.
  • Metabolism shares that drinking Coconut Water is the best way to reduce Cholesterol.
  • The antioxidants in Coconut Water prevent heart damage.
  • Want to make sure your heart beats well and follows its rhythm? Drink Coconut Water, as it has Magnesium that helps your heart beat.
  • Do you suffer from High Blood Pressure issues? Coconut Water can help lower your BP.

5. Say a Good Bye to Indigestion

Medical professionals recommend including a lot of fiber in your diet to ease your digestion. Coconut Water contains fiber, as we have already discussed.

  • Fiber keeps you away from diarrhea and constipation.
  • It also makes your stool pass softly through your intestines.
  • More than 4% of people in the world suffer from Colon Cancer. Proper fiber quantity in your body can prevent you suffering from it.
  • If you have an upset stomach, some Coconut Water won’t hurt it at all.
  • We hear people say that every health issue begins with poor gut health. But say no more. We all should work towards improving our gut health with Coconut Water.
  • Coconut Juice has natural enzymes that take care of your gut and improve digestion.

6. Gives Good Skin and Hair

Remember what grandma said? To improve hair quality and reduce hair fall, use Coconut Oil. We are aware of advantages of Coconut oil for our hair. The advantages of drinking coconut water are even greater.

  • Whether you are facing a lot of hair fall or your hair looks dull and dry. Start your daily dose of Coconut water. It has Calcium and Phosphorus that prevent hair breakage and add more luster to the hair.
  • Did your dermatologist tell you how important vitamin C is for the skin? Stop those tablets if they serve no purpose. Coconut Water has Vitamin-C. It boosts collagen and improves elasticity of your skin.
  • The presence of antioxidants and Amino Acids in Coconut Water repairs damaged cells and tissues. If left damaged, these may give you wrinkles and dehydrated skin.
  • Have you been consuming those B7 Biotin tablets after seeing a random ad? If you are reading this here, surely the tablets did not work out for you.
  • Biotin hydrates your skin and hair. Did you try Coconut water? Start consuming it daily and see the difference for yourself.

7. Prevents Diseases

More than 12% of population will suffer from Diabetes by 2045. – Statista.

It is one of the diseases that makes your body weak, and thus other health issues follow.

  • Being a low-glycemic drink with an index of 33, Coconut water keeps blood sugar manageable.
  • Kidney-stone stones are another common health problem. Having Coconut Water daily maintains the process of urination. Hence, it throws the dirt out of your body.

Is coconut water good for you? Absolutely, it is. We hope it is clear from the benefits of Coconut water listed above. Don’t rely on multi-vitamins when you can have a natural source of nutrients.

Staying close to nature is not possible like it was in ancient times. But we can still stay connected to nature by consuming healthy foods like Coconut Water.

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